Straight To My Heart – STING


Can I have a little faith here?

Why is it that a *certain someone* I know feels the need to try & sabotage every attempt I make to be successful? Not “successful” as in rich or famous, but as in a feeling of accomplishment, happiness and purpose…And without the double standards.

Ahhhh STING…

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Sting…if by some vastly remote, fat chance in hell you ever come across this post, I was the star-struck fan screaming “STING – I want to have your baby!” from the box row seats right next to the stage at the OKC Myriad Convention Center, eehhh, approximately 1982??  You DID look at me & smile…And I can’t believe I’ve mentioned this story not just ONCE but TWICE in the last 24 hours.  Holy f*ck…

Earlier today on Facebook:

Me:  I have to laugh when I think about the Police concert I went to back in HS. All the girls were throwing bras & undies to him on the stage. Not to be outdone, I stood up & yelled at the top of my lungs from our box seats right next to the stage – “STING! I want to have your baby!!!” Hey, it worked…he looked right at me & grinned! ~sigh~ Did I really just admit that??? ;

Friend (who will remain ANONYMOUS):  And, that’s the real story behind Josh’s paternity test…