Queen – Killer Queen

John Waite – Goin’ To The Top

I really hate to waste space on my blog for “Lady Bla Bla” but this is so beyond ridiculous…

I can get the whole “go as far over the top as humanely possible” thing for PR.  I get she apparently had a rough childhood/teen experience.  But what I can’t relate to is this:  her music – it sucks.  She’s been compared to Madonna (who I also don’t care for),  Dale Bozzio (she wishes), Deborah Harry & several others I can’t think off of the top of my head.  She’s vacant, talentless & by no means the equivalent to Dale Bozzio OR Deborah Harry – TRUE cutting edge, bring it on edgy punk women of the 80’s icons.

So I stumbled on this latest dumbass shit about “Lady Bla Bla” – Apparently, she felt the need to spend $24K on a specially designed wheelchair after hip surgery.  Oh no, not for therapeutic reasons – are you kidding?  Just for the bling of 24k gold wheelchair rims.  Un.fucking.real…


I do love those mens look oxfords though…

I’m officially a freelancer!

Well, kind of…ha.  I was just offered my first freelance job today.  It may be small, but hey – baby steps…So, in light of this new development, peruse some eye candy from net-a-porter


Oh, and some Bowie of course…

Deutsche mode anyone?

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I’m still shopping…OK, well…BROWSING.  Still!  LOVE this store for a peek at what’s hot in European fashion – welikefashion.com.  One drawback, it’s in German…But hey, fashion is a Universal language am I right?