Kittens So Cute They Stopped The Trains in NYC Subway

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SubwayKittensKittens at the Church Avenue subway station in Brooklyn via Marc A. Hermann

These two cuties stopped a lot of trains after being found in a Brooklyn subway station and rescued.

In Brooklyn, New York, yesterday two little lost kittens caused the subway system to come to a halt for nearly two hours after they were found on the tracks by Transit Authority workers.

At the Church Avenue station, commuters were kept waiting while the police and transit workers put a rescue mission into place.

The pair of kittens, named August and Arthur by Metropolitan Transit Authority workers, were first spotted at around 11 a.m.  The initial plan to scoop up the black and tabby kitties failed because, according to an M.T.A. spokesperson, the kittens were too fast and kept dodging the M.T.A. workers on the tracks! (Power to the tracks was shut off.)


NYSubwayKittensA frantic game of chase…

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