Been too long…

Given my adult ADHD tendencies (and my husband completely agrees), I *should* be finishing up an e-mail to my son’s school counselor right about now.  But…can I just say the past month or so has been a constant stream of phone calls, meetings & e-mails to various teachers, counselors, etc. & I needed a time out for just a moment.  I’m actually going to write something as opposed to posting random vids & fashion dream pics.

Middle school sucks (for my son, OK well for everyone I know of)!  I don’t think anyone enjoyed that phase in their lives – I know I sure as hell didn’t.  Hormones, cliques, self-image issues, bullies (I won’t name names here, but you know who you are – remember?  We ran track together.  Bitch(es)…)  Of course those bitches are probably serving time now (or living in a low rent trailer park with their wife-beater wearing husbands)…I love the Internet – and yes, I am *EVIL*…  So along with all these wonderful growing pains, my son has ADHD & ODD to top it all off.  Oh, and well into puberty now according to his Ped.  Nice… It’s been quite a ride since he started 5th grade last year – which put him in Middle School.  Really??  Kids not only have entirely overloaded academic expectations since I was that age, many years ago *cough*, but they throw them into the “middle school” setting in 5th grade…Unreal.  It sucks enough when you’re 12/13 & in 7th grade.  But, 10?  Ridiculous.

OK, I feel better now…Feel free to share your own middle school nightmares…(past or present)