Jasper In His New Forever Home!

Ten Lives Club at Pet Supplies Plus E. Amherst

I finalized Jasper’s adoption this afternoon – technically, he was adopted on Sat., but paperwork done today.  ~YAY~!

Christina filled me in on the latest – Jasper’s laid a new racetrack throughout their house – zooming around at lightening speed.

He discovered the cat door into their basement – tentatively poking his paw through it, like he wasn’t quite sure just exactly what it was or where it went.  Finally, she saw his confusion or curiosity (I’m sure it was the latter!) and told him “it’s OK!”.  I can just picture Jasper doing that in my head – just like he could open the cage doors, reach into cages to scoop up food, etc.  So now even more new territory he’s conquered!

He sleeps on their bed every night – she woke up the other day with Jasper laying on her head~!

He & Coleman have made excellent progress –…

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Beechwood Classic Car Cruise Adoption Event BIG Hit!

JASPER1 JASPER Dayna Mike and Janine

Ten Lives Club at Pet Supplies Plus E. Amherst

We had LOTS of people stop by to visit the kitties this evening & several VERY interested potential adopters!
Jasper was as cool as a cucumber & had many admirers!  Jasper came out to visit & was the perfect gentleman!   Amy’s daughter made a very special sign just for him too!
Janine made the rounds with EVERYONE who stopped by – especially Beechwood residents! The Beechwood Director of Events, was very impressed with Janine – she may become one of their therapy cats! Wouldn’t that be PERFECT for Janine??
Leo will have a visitor tomorrow – VERY interested potential adopter!!
Merlin was a big hit – of course!

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Kittens So Cute They Stopped The Trains in NYC Subway

Ten Lives Club at Pet Supplies Plus E. Amherst

SubwayKittensKittens at the Church Avenue subway station in Brooklyn via Marc A. Hermann

These two cuties stopped a lot of trains after being found in a Brooklyn subway station and rescued.

In Brooklyn, New York, yesterday two little lost kittens caused the subway system to come to a halt for nearly two hours after they were found on the tracks by Transit Authority workers.

At the Church Avenue station, commuters were kept waiting while the police and transit workers put a rescue mission into place.

The pair of kittens, named August and Arthur by Metropolitan Transit Authority workers, were first spotted at around 11 a.m.  The initial plan to scoop up the black and tabby kitties failed because, according to an M.T.A. spokesperson, the kittens were too fast and kept dodging the M.T.A. workers on the tracks! (Power to the tracks was shut off.)


NYSubwayKittensA frantic game of chase…

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The Month of July Sucked The Big Green One…

First of all, if offensive language bothers you, stop right now & move along…

All I can say is I’ve always been a sarcastic bitch.  But lately, my sarcasm has reached heights I never thought possible – even for me.

I can blame some of this on the month of July.  For starters, some dumb bitch totaled my car – Pepper (Honda Fit – Sport).  Stupid Fucking bitch.  I loved that car. Pepper was the FIRST BRAND NEW CAR I’ve ever owned.  And, of course, almost PAID OFF…Murphy’s Law…

I’m sitting in a turn lane, minding my own damn business and the next thing I know I’m in the parking lot I was waiting to turn into with an EMT in my face asking me what day it was…Never saw it coming.  At all.  I don’t remember anything between those time frames. Had 2 big goose eggs on my head, whiplash, bruises on the backs of my calves, arms, random and my headrest ended up in the floor of my back seat. Trip to the ER via ambulance, X-rays, etc…

Yeah, I don’t like hospitals for starters.  Or anything else related to the medical field – nothing against Dr.s & so forth but I avoid that shit like the plague.  So given I’d been knocked out, hate that shit & didn’t know what the fuck had even happened & this guy’s in my face asking me all these stupid questions, I wasn’t exactly the most cooperative patient until I’d at least partially gained a little portion of my mental shit back.

But WHAT THE FUCK?  I consider myself a very safe driver & I ALWAYS watch out for all the morons who actually somehow passed their driver’s test & are legally allowed to DRIVE.  This particular street has a 45 MPH speed limit.  I was completely stopped in the turn lane & this bitch had to have hit me from behind going at LEAST the 45 MPH speed limit full bore.  You get the picture.   Yeah, my hatchback was crunched completely into the backseats.  But the collapsible cat cage I had on board somehow managed to escape without a dent.  One plus!

This started off the month of July with a BANG since it happened on the 2nd.  Then comes all the “no fault” fucking paperwork.  I’m quite certain I’ve had to deal with & jump through many more hoops than the stupid bitch that hit me.  And still am.  Again, why the fuck do I have all this SHIT to deal with on top of the fact that my car is totaled, I can’t even think straight because I have a NICE concussion, whiplash & can hardly move my head, woozy, sore & on pain meds so I’m doing good to find the damn bathroom all by myself.  And the asshole that caused this whole shitstorm (who was driving a much bigger vehicle, BTW) probably had to make 1 phone call to her fucking insurance company.  What.the.fuck…?

But here’s the icing on the cake.  4 days after my wreck, we get a notice that our insurance had been terminated as of 7/1.  We got the notice on, ohhh about the 5th?  The letter was dated THE 3RD of JULY.  Seriously???  So now the whole family has no medical coverage & I had enrolled my son in a special summer program – which would’ve only been a co-pay of $25 per session on our previous insurance but now costs us $85 per session.  For 20 sessions.  Fucking, dick stick motherfuckers…

Yep.  Oh, I only touched the very tip of the iceberg for July and the beginning of August…

Normally, summer is my absolute favorite time of year.  It still is.  But good fucking gods…Rental car from hell, the city decides it’s a MARVELOUS time to repave our street & totally fuck up any direction you need to go (randomly of course) & had adoption events, 2 trips daily back/forth to drop off/pick up my son 3 days a week, Dr’s appts. & back/forth to the store for adoptions.  OMG…

Oh, I forgot to add – city planning, in all their wisdom, also decided to have trucks along our street to trim the trees at the same time.  Is it possible to have more fucking stupid bullshit going on at the same time??  Un-fucking-believable…All I can say is thank the gods for good meds.  And lots of WINE…After I finally made it back into my driveway, of course…Fucking fuckers.

Normally, I would begin or end a post with a song vid, but I’m just too fucking tired…Feel free to share one that might fit.

Love this blogger and had to share her latest post – I can so relate

Snips, Snails, Puppy dog tails, Body Odor, Boners & BOOKS…

My own son is heading into that uncharted territory.  His pediatrician informed me at his last well visit that he was well on his way into puberty.  A little earlier than most at eleven, but there it is.  I had a feeling that was the case since he has become much more “private”, shall we say?  Locking the bathroom door, not changing in front of anyone (particularly me), his voice is starting to crack, a few tell tell signs of the big “P”.  However, maturity-wise he’s closer to an 8 or 9 year old.  Imagine sprouting hair on your legs (and probably a few other places) and having all these weird feelings all of a sudden but no idea why.  I’m glad I subscribe to Moms Who Drink and Swear, otherwise I would never have come across this book and her interesting take on her own experience with her son who is the same age as mine. I’m ordering this today!  I just wish it was in ePub format for his Nook…

Sleeping with Cats

I love my cat and I love it when she sleeps with me.  But without fail, I’ll wake up at least once during the night to find that 10 pounds of cat has somehow pinned my legs to the point of paralysis…There must be some law of physics that can explain this phenomenon.  How is that possible??   If I’m sleeping with my legs slightly apart at some point during the night, Lilly will lay right in between them – making any shifting or moving around impossible – without disturbing her beauty sleep, god forbid…  If I’m laying on my side with my legs together and slightly bent, she’ll lay right up against the back of my knees.

If at some point during the night, my dog Maggie – a 70lb. chocolate lab – has decided to join us, it can get pretty crowded.  And she won’t BUDGE…No way, no how…uh uh.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have two furry warm “blankets” on a cold winter night, but it doesn’t always make for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Ooops, did i just say that?

I am so very lucky to have such a wide range of friends who have many different perspectives on any number of topics.  I love a good, intelligent conversation and happily play the devil’s advocate or stir things up whenever possible – depending on the situation.  Sometimes, to the point of occasionally pissing off some not so open-minded people.  I really don’t do it on purpose…most of the time.  It’s just in my nature to look at every side of a subject or situation and try to understand both sides & maybe give a different perspective.  And more than likely, because I’m just a little mischievous to begin with.  I’ve never been afraid to speak my mind – sometimes to a fault.  In fact, I’ve pretty much been a rebel and free spirit most of my life – sometimes bucking or questioning authority (OK, USUALLY) and basically being “me”.  It does come with a price, unfortunately – I can end up, as I said before, pissing someone off or even worse, hurting their feelings – which is never my intent.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned what topics are generally appropriate with certain people and which ones are not.  At least most of the time.  Sometimes I still manage to let my tongue speak before my brain can keep the words from passing my lips.  Or my fingers from writing something spontaneously before I think about the consequences.  But at least I realize this is something I need to continually work on and consciously try my best to stop and think it through before opening my mouth or letting my fingers get away from me.  Unfortunately, “Impulsive” is my middle name, so it does not come easily and is a continual work in progress.

Having spent way too much time on Facebook these past couple of days – it’s so easy to get sucked in, as we all know too well – I’ve made a few faux paus and gotten carried away a few times.  What a surprise…But there are two topics I do not discuss publicly on Facebook or in general – politics and religion.  Never a good idea and something I was told a long time ago is really never appropriate, unless under certain rare circumstances.  But when I read posts from people who seem to think otherwise and are spewing ridiculous, obnoxious and uneducated information on either of the two, it’s hard not to respond with an intelligent reply to the rants.  I rarely, if ever, do.  Because anyone who would post those things are past the point of listening to anything other than their own opinion or beliefs.  Or to people who don’t have the same opinions or beliefs that they do.  They are completely closed-minded and stubbornly defend their stand, regardless of whether it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.  I don’t judge other people’s opinions, that is not the point of this post and I hope I’m not beginning the sound that way.  But bottom line is, there are a lot of stupid, ignorant people out there – sorry, but there it is…I just need to remember that before letting my first impulses get the best of me…

And as always, here’s a vid relating to this topic from George Carlin:  RIP George, you are missed…

Sometimes a good laugh and good friends are really all you need…

I’ve just spent about 3 hours this morning on Facebook, visiting and laughing with very old (I don’t mean that in a bad way!) & dear friends.  As I’m looking out the front window, it’s rainy & dreary outside which can definitely do a number on your outlook for the day.  However, since I had the pleasure of spending the majority of my morning laughing my ass off, I’m completely oblivious to the crappy weather.

I feel honored to have good friends I have known for…well, let’s just say a few decades & leave it at that – who have a great sense of humor, make intelligent comments and don’t get offended at my sometimes off color and frank remarks.  It’s comforting to know that no matter what I say or how I say it, they will never judge me, resent me or get mad at me and will always be there when I need them.  I feel very lucky to have friends like that in my life – and for most of my life to boot.  What more could a person ask for?

Even though we all live hundreds of miles apart and haven’t actually “seen” each other in many years, we can still have a back & forth conversation almost instantaneously thanks to the almighty internet.  It still amazes me.  Why?  It’s not like the internet hasn’t been around for a long time.  You’d think the novelty would’ve worn off for me a long time ago.  But no…Because I grew up when there was no internet.  No cell phones, no cable TV with 5,000 channels & movies on demand, no iPads, MP3 players, Nooks or GPS devices – high technology was a long way off.  Hell, I was in high school when the first CDs came out – and let me tell you they were NOT cheap.  You were considered a high tech junky if you owned a CD player because the damn things cost more than most people made in a year.  And then of course you had to be able to afford the CDs – which, in that regard there was a very small selection of music that was even released in that format.  Even then, they had to be special ordered most of the time.  How do I know this?  Because I worked in a specialty record store when the first CDs were ever released.  I grew up during a time that makes me appreciate how much technology and information we all have at our fingertips now and most people take for granted.

One of my very dear friends made me stop and think about all of these things just this morning with a very simple question:  What was the first CD you ever bought?  Of course she meant music in general, but I had to laugh when I posted my comment.  Because quite frankly, I was an ADULT before I ever bought a CD or had a CD player to even listen to the damn thing.  That took the conversation in a completely different direction at that point.  Still about music, of course, but talking about 45s or 8-track tapes – going back to before everything was digitized, remastered and available for downloading instantaneously.

My son, who is eleven, will never know a world without all of the high tech conveniences we have all come to know, love and take for granted everyday.  It’s kind of weird when I stop and think about that fact.  How much has changed in the relatively short time since I was his age.  It’s really incredible.  I’m sure anyone under the age of 40 cannot relate nor is continually fascinated by all of the new devices and even higher levels of conveniences that seem to be never ending.  It’s slightly sad to me that my son will grow up taking all of these things for granted.  By the time he’s my age, who knows what will be possible and completely available to anyone with the money to buy them.  I’m thinking, maybe someone will invent a device that can transport A PERSON instantaneously to anywhere in the world.  Hell, even the Universe for that matter.  Or the ability to time travel.  OK, now I’m really sounding like an idiot…But seriously, it does make me wonder sometimes what kind of future is in store for my son.  If I start thinking in that direction for very long however, I’ll just ruin what started out to be a most enjoyable day…Things could either get a whole lot better or much, much worse.  Time to start thinking about something else – like NOW.

And so, to keep things on a happy note, enjoy some George Carlin and have a good long laugh.  It always works for me…

Deep Thought for the day

Ever wondered what happened to that guy you dated years ago and seemed deeply in love (lust) with ~at the time~?  Have you ever searched for that long lost lover (or make that plural if need be…) in cyberspace?  If you can remember their last name that is…Oh come on!…Admit it.  Everyone’s done it at some point, if only ~once~ **cough cough**.  And what would prompt me to ask such a thing on a peaceful (slightly) Sunday afternoon?  Interestingly enough, I recently reconnected with someone from my (very distant) past.  Who, by word of texting, mentioned it to another person from that same time period – who in turn, reached out to me.  The latter being someone I had worked with at the time – just so we’re clear…It made me realize how that old scientific theory works – for every action, there is an equal and/or opposite reaction.  That, my friends, is *law* in the viral world of social media.  Not just a “theory” discovered by some gnarly, gray-haired old science guy.

In this particular instance, it was an “equal” reaction.  But I have to consider that over the years and across the miles, there is bound to be someone from my past that I pissed off or otherwise left with unresolved anger issues.  Not that I’m paranoid

I guess the point of this ramble is that although I ‘ve worked in the online ad and virtual world for years, I’m still in awe of the technology we have at our fingertips every…single…day.  I consider myself lucky to have experienced a world without cell phones, Crackberries, iPads, digital cable (or cable at all) and the almighty INTERNET.  It’s a unique perspective with more experiences to appreciate…Or is that just me getting older and wiser?  I do love both equally – the world (way…) before digital, uber cutting-edge technology – but also what’s new and exciting just around the corner.