Deep Thought for the day

Ever wondered what happened to that guy you dated years ago and seemed deeply in love (lust) with ~at the time~?  Have you ever searched for that long lost lover (or make that plural if need be…) in cyberspace?  If you can remember their last name that is…Oh come on!…Admit it.  Everyone’s done it at some point, if only ~once~ **cough cough**.  And what would prompt me to ask such a thing on a peaceful (slightly) Sunday afternoon?  Interestingly enough, I recently reconnected with someone from my (very distant) past.  Who, by word of texting, mentioned it to another person from that same time period – who in turn, reached out to me.  The latter being someone I had worked with at the time – just so we’re clear…It made me realize how that old scientific theory works – for every action, there is an equal and/or opposite reaction.  That, my friends, is *law* in the viral world of social media.  Not just a “theory” discovered by some gnarly, gray-haired old science guy.

In this particular instance, it was an “equal” reaction.  But I have to consider that over the years and across the miles, there is bound to be someone from my past that I pissed off or otherwise left with unresolved anger issues.  Not that I’m paranoid

I guess the point of this ramble is that although I ‘ve worked in the online ad and virtual world for years, I’m still in awe of the technology we have at our fingertips every…single…day.  I consider myself lucky to have experienced a world without cell phones, Crackberries, iPads, digital cable (or cable at all) and the almighty INTERNET.  It’s a unique perspective with more experiences to appreciate…Or is that just me getting older and wiser?  I do love both equally – the world (way…) before digital, uber cutting-edge technology – but also what’s new and exciting just around the corner.