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Crush | Prabal Gurung | Fashiolista Blog

Crush | Prabal Gurung | Fashiolista Blog.


…”it’s so easy to blow up your problems
it’s so easy to play up your breakdown
it’s so easy to fly through a window
it’s so easy to fool with the sound…”

Sittin pretty on saturday

Lots to do in the next couple of weeks, so posts could be pretty short (err, shorter than usual??)…

Wish I had my ~MUSIC~ files on my new laptop…errg.  Oh well, I will do my besties…

Hey…just trying to stay awake here…

Looking back let’s face it, how many of us can even fucking remember what you & your soon-to-be-ex broke up about in the first place?  It’s what’s life’s all about.  Lot’s & lots of RESEARCH (among other things) people…