Love this blogger and had to share her latest post – I can so relate

Snips, Snails, Puppy dog tails, Body Odor, Boners & BOOKS…

My own son is heading into that uncharted territory.  His pediatrician informed me at his last well visit that he was well on his way into puberty.  A little earlier than most at eleven, but there it is.  I had a feeling that was the case since he has become much more “private”, shall we say?  Locking the bathroom door, not changing in front of anyone (particularly me), his voice is starting to crack, a few tell tell signs of the big “P”.  However, maturity-wise he’s closer to an 8 or 9 year old.  Imagine sprouting hair on your legs (and probably a few other places) and having all these weird feelings all of a sudden but no idea why.  I’m glad I subscribe to Moms Who Drink and Swear, otherwise I would never have come across this book and her interesting take on her own experience with her son who is the same age as mine. I’m ordering this today!  I just wish it was in ePub format for his Nook…

Child Labor Is a Global Problem – By Josh U.

Child labor is affecting children around the world.  Millions of children have to work to help their families.  Most of these children  have never been to school.

Child labor is a problem that affects millions of children around the world.  They are deprived of a normal childhood.  They work in fields or factories for hours.  They send the little money they earn to their families.

Education is the key to ending child labor.  In Kenya, the government banned a luxury school fee.  People in Asia must work to end child labor.  The United Nation in Kenya is reforming child labor.

In conclusion, child labor is a problem that must be stopped.  People are trying to get children out of the fields and into the classroom.

Teacher comments:  Good conclusion!

Grade:  94%

I read this and it made me cry – with joy, that Josh understood the implications of the topic, with love because he embraces our values & beliefs and with pride, because he works so hard to achieve what so many other children take for granted…

I love you sweetie!!  You make me so proud to be your Mommy!

Enlighten me

I was so impressed with my son this evening.  We were all sitting around the table at dinner and Josh made a very poignant comment.  “Did you know there are kids my age in other countries who have to work all day long?”  Pretending (slightly) that this is new information, I said “Really?  Was this something you learned in school today?”  His response – “YES!  They have to work all day long, every day and don’t go to school”.

“Wow”, I said.  “Aren’t you lucky you have the opportunity to go to school and learn about how people in other countries live?  Which would you prefer – working all day long or going to school?”

“Going to SCHOOL!”