First There was Baby Gecko “Pip” – Introducing Pip’s Hatch Mate Baby “Skip”

One day after we welcomed baby leopard gecko “Pip” into the world, along came his/her sibling & identical twin – “Skip”!  Born 3/8/13.  My son & I had the pleasure of watching him burst into the world.  It’s amazing how a 2 1/2″ baby lizard can manage to fit in an egg about the size of a nickle.  Nature is a mysterious & wondrous thing!

March 20135

Skip was not too thrilled to have the flash going off as “he” was busy breaking out of his egg.  He’s got a slight glare in his eye…It’s recommended to leave them alone as much as possible because they stress out very easily, so I didn’t try to get any more pictures once he broke out of his shell – which only took a matter of minutes.

My son exclaimed “We have TWINS!”.  They look identical and from their markings, will take after Daddy Sam, who is a “regular” fat-tailed leopard gecko.  Mom Leslie is an albino leopard gecko so we didn’t know what the babies might turn out to be.

They are both 10/11 days old now & cohabiting happily with each other.

More pics of both Pip & Skip to follow!

Newest Addition to Our Household – Baby Pip!

After months & months (and months) & many clutches of Gecko eggs – WE FINALLY HAVE A BABY LEOPARD GECKO hatchling! My son has been so patient (me too!). Quite frankly, I’d decided it was never gonna happen. But I didn’t let my son know that – and I didn’t quit trying anyway. I’m so glad it finally happened – mainly for my son, but also for myself. Everything I’d read about hatching gecko eggs made it sound like it was a cinch. No problem. Yeah, right. Right humidity, right substrate, right incubator – you get the picture. It’s pure fucking luck & the whim of Mother Nature. Period.

Introducing….”PIP”! Born 3/7/2013, weight approx. 2g, length approx. 3″. And looks nothing like Mom or Dad- they have spots, he/she has stripes – who knew?  My son the herpetologist /slash/ genetic scientist-engineer can figure that one out. Ha!

Welcome to the world Pip!