We Found Our Furever Homes!


Ten Lives Club at Pet Supplies Plus E. Amherst

Sweet little Ivy, a 3 month old beautiful brown tabby kitten, went home with her new purr-parents this evening! 


She will be showered with love & attention! 

All of our love sweet baby!

Wishing you all of the happiness & joy you deserve!


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Ten Lives Club at Pet Supplies Plus E. Amherst

Leo had to come back to us – he was not in the right situation.  The family tried so hard to love him & bring him out of his shell, but it just wasn’t working.  Better sooner than later.  Now I know where he would be best suited.

But, they adopted SHAKIRA this morning to be a playmate for Merlin.  It will be a perfect situation for all!!


Shakira - Adoption Day!IMG_2011



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Scarlet (AKA Paris) The Brave Little Hero!

Ten Lives Club at Pet Supplies Plus E. Amherst

One of our volunteers, Kim D.,  – who had adopted Scarlet (AKA Paris) only a month or two before the following incident, shared this incredible story with me a while back.  It is an amazing example of what a close bond Scarlet had already formed in a few short months with her brother Oliver!

Several months ago, Kim’s cat Oliver – a very sweet, lovey boy, had been viciously attacked by a neighborhood cat IN HIS OWN BACKYARD.

When Oliver was being attacked, Scarlet ran to help her brother.  She put herself between the attacking cat and Oliver and growled at the other cat.  Although she’s only about 8 pounds and was probably about half the size of the other cat, she tried to defend Oliver to the extent of putting herself in danger.  She was trying to give Oliver the chance to get away and back to safety.  Scarlet…

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Ten Lives Club Annual FurBall Fundraiser! Hamburg, NY 3/24

Nuture Nature: Ten Lives Club Cat Rescue Annual FurBall Fundraiser!.

via Nuture Nature: Ten Lives Club Cat Rescue Annual FurBall Fundraiser!.

10 lives header

Sunday, March 24, 2013
1:00 PM to 6PM
Knights of Columbus Hall
36 Pierce Avenue 
Hamburg, NY 14075
  • 50/50
  • MENU:
  • Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Meatball Goulash
  • Grilled Cheese on Sourdough Bread
  • Chicken Quesadillas
  • Fruit & Cottage Cheese Tray
  • Desserts galore!


  • Gift certificates 
  • Gift baskets 
  • Complimentary services (mani/pedis, spa treatments, haircuts, make-overs, etc.) 
  • Complimentary lunch/dinner(s) for two 
  • Wine or liquor items
  • Chocolates, Candy or Pastry items
Please e-mail Valerie at lillyfae2-at-gmail.com



Ten Lives Club is a registered non-profit organization located in Western New York that is made up of volunteers and staff all devoted to the club’s mission, “to promote, further and enhance all cat life”. We rely on donations to help us feed, medicate, and house over 300+ (including our cats in foster care) cats in our program. Ten Lives Club began in January 2001 with a dream to be able to save as many cats as possible.
Since 2001 Ten Lives Club has touched the lives of 15,000+ cats and kittens whether through adoptions, spay/neuter or other assistance.  
In 2012 alone, Ten Lives Club adopted out 1369 cats and kittens to forever homes!
To donate by mail please send checks to:
Ten Lives Club 
P.O. Box 253 
North Boston, NY 14110

Love this blogger and had to share her latest post – I can so relate

Snips, Snails, Puppy dog tails, Body Odor, Boners & BOOKS…

My own son is heading into that uncharted territory.  His pediatrician informed me at his last well visit that he was well on his way into puberty.  A little earlier than most at eleven, but there it is.  I had a feeling that was the case since he has become much more “private”, shall we say?  Locking the bathroom door, not changing in front of anyone (particularly me), his voice is starting to crack, a few tell tell signs of the big “P”.  However, maturity-wise he’s closer to an 8 or 9 year old.  Imagine sprouting hair on your legs (and probably a few other places) and having all these weird feelings all of a sudden but no idea why.  I’m glad I subscribe to Moms Who Drink and Swear, otherwise I would never have come across this book and her interesting take on her own experience with her son who is the same age as mine. I’m ordering this today!  I just wish it was in ePub format for his Nook…

Child Labor Is a Global Problem – By Josh U.

Child labor is affecting children around the world.  Millions of children have to work to help their families.  Most of these children  have never been to school.

Child labor is a problem that affects millions of children around the world.  They are deprived of a normal childhood.  They work in fields or factories for hours.  They send the little money they earn to their families.

Education is the key to ending child labor.  In Kenya, the government banned a luxury school fee.  People in Asia must work to end child labor.  The United Nation in Kenya is reforming child labor.

In conclusion, child labor is a problem that must be stopped.  People are trying to get children out of the fields and into the classroom.

Teacher comments:  Good conclusion!

Grade:  94%

I read this and it made me cry – with joy, that Josh understood the implications of the topic, with love because he embraces our values & beliefs and with pride, because he works so hard to achieve what so many other children take for granted…

I love you sweetie!!  You make me so proud to be your Mommy!

Enlighten me

I was so impressed with my son this evening.  We were all sitting around the table at dinner and Josh made a very poignant comment.  “Did you know there are kids my age in other countries who have to work all day long?”  Pretending (slightly) that this is new information, I said “Really?  Was this something you learned in school today?”  His response – “YES!  They have to work all day long, every day and don’t go to school”.

“Wow”, I said.  “Aren’t you lucky you have the opportunity to go to school and learn about how people in other countries live?  Which would you prefer – working all day long or going to school?”

“Going to SCHOOL!”


Sometimes a good laugh and good friends are really all you need…

I’ve just spent about 3 hours this morning on Facebook, visiting and laughing with very old (I don’t mean that in a bad way!) & dear friends.  As I’m looking out the front window, it’s rainy & dreary outside which can definitely do a number on your outlook for the day.  However, since I had the pleasure of spending the majority of my morning laughing my ass off, I’m completely oblivious to the crappy weather.

I feel honored to have good friends I have known for…well, let’s just say a few decades & leave it at that – who have a great sense of humor, make intelligent comments and don’t get offended at my sometimes off color and frank remarks.  It’s comforting to know that no matter what I say or how I say it, they will never judge me, resent me or get mad at me and will always be there when I need them.  I feel very lucky to have friends like that in my life – and for most of my life to boot.  What more could a person ask for?

Even though we all live hundreds of miles apart and haven’t actually “seen” each other in many years, we can still have a back & forth conversation almost instantaneously thanks to the almighty internet.  It still amazes me.  Why?  It’s not like the internet hasn’t been around for a long time.  You’d think the novelty would’ve worn off for me a long time ago.  But no…Because I grew up when there was no internet.  No cell phones, no cable TV with 5,000 channels & movies on demand, no iPads, MP3 players, Nooks or GPS devices – high technology was a long way off.  Hell, I was in high school when the first CDs came out – and let me tell you they were NOT cheap.  You were considered a high tech junky if you owned a CD player because the damn things cost more than most people made in a year.  And then of course you had to be able to afford the CDs – which, in that regard there was a very small selection of music that was even released in that format.  Even then, they had to be special ordered most of the time.  How do I know this?  Because I worked in a specialty record store when the first CDs were ever released.  I grew up during a time that makes me appreciate how much technology and information we all have at our fingertips now and most people take for granted.

One of my very dear friends made me stop and think about all of these things just this morning with a very simple question:  What was the first CD you ever bought?  Of course she meant music in general, but I had to laugh when I posted my comment.  Because quite frankly, I was an ADULT before I ever bought a CD or had a CD player to even listen to the damn thing.  That took the conversation in a completely different direction at that point.  Still about music, of course, but talking about 45s or 8-track tapes – going back to before everything was digitized, remastered and available for downloading instantaneously.

My son, who is eleven, will never know a world without all of the high tech conveniences we have all come to know, love and take for granted everyday.  It’s kind of weird when I stop and think about that fact.  How much has changed in the relatively short time since I was his age.  It’s really incredible.  I’m sure anyone under the age of 40 cannot relate nor is continually fascinated by all of the new devices and even higher levels of conveniences that seem to be never ending.  It’s slightly sad to me that my son will grow up taking all of these things for granted.  By the time he’s my age, who knows what will be possible and completely available to anyone with the money to buy them.  I’m thinking, maybe someone will invent a device that can transport A PERSON instantaneously to anywhere in the world.  Hell, even the Universe for that matter.  Or the ability to time travel.  OK, now I’m really sounding like an idiot…But seriously, it does make me wonder sometimes what kind of future is in store for my son.  If I start thinking in that direction for very long however, I’ll just ruin what started out to be a most enjoyable day…Things could either get a whole lot better or much, much worse.  Time to start thinking about something else – like NOW.

And so, to keep things on a happy note, enjoy some George Carlin and have a good long laugh.  It always works for me…

Cat + Geckos = trouble…

I’m sure if you’ve read my last 2 posts you’re wondering just how we manage to keep Lilly from getting into Sam & Leslie’s cage.  Well…let’s just say we’ve already had to replace one screen for the top already.  At least the new one is made of a much heavier duty mesh.  She initially seemed more interested in the crickets than the geckos – she comes into my son’s room when I feed them & they’re all jumping around, which of course fascinates her immensely.  Maggie & Lilly follow me around the house wherever I go ’cause ya know, they might miss out on something really exciting – ya right…

It’s only been recently that Lilly discovered that there was something more in the tank…And she is an indoor/outdoor cat who LOVES to hunt and bring me “presents” – after she’s done playing with them, of course.  When the weather is warm, I’ll leave one of the kitchen windows that opens onto our deck open so she can come & go.  The problem with that is if I’m not paying attention, she brings her catches in with her.  She’s gotten in the house with several mice (already dead thankfully) & a couple of birds 😦  At least I noticed one of them in time & she dropped it – dazed & unhurt, on the table.  At which point, when I tried to pick it up to take it outside, it flew to another window & perched on top of the curtain.  I’m trying not to flip out at this point & keep Lilly out of the kitchen until I can safely get the poor thing outside.  Luckily, I managed to catch it from the curtain & get it out the back door to release it – thankfully.  It flew immediately into one of our maple trees and seemed no worse for wear.  I felt so guilty because I put out feeders for the birds, but honestly thought they were too high for her to reach.  She’d never caught a bird before (to my knowledge) and this one was a goldfinch – damn it!

But wait…a week later, I’m in the living room absorbed in something else and hear her rolling around on the other side of the room making playful noises.  At first, I’m thinking she’s just playing with one of her toys…Then the light bulb came on & I ran over to see what she was playing with.  It was a dead goldfinch…:(  I was too late this time.  Hopefully, it wasn’t the same one she brought in the week before – you’d think if it was, it would’ve made the poor thing a little more cautious.  I’ll never know…But again, I felt so guilty.

I grew up with cats and therefore, have virtually never lived without (at least) one.  I know they are predators, carnivores & sometimes…slightly *sadistic*.  I’m well aware that it’s in their nature to hunt – whether that hunting is a fuzzy catnip filled toy or a live animal.  They are only doing what comes naturally to them and you can’t get mad at them for being a cat.  But I *hate* it when they manage to kill a bird – which is pretty fucking hard to do.  I’ve had several cats in my lifetime that have managed to do just that – Lilly being one of those, obviously.

One of my previous fur babies (Pywackette – who I will never forget & miss for the rest of my life) left me half a squirrel on my front door step one day.  That was her particular signature kill – she would eat part of the mouse, or whatever she caught – but only half – the back half…BLEH…and leave the rest for me to *~admire~*.  At the time, I was living in OKC in a house with a lot of trees & an open air atrium which would get over run with field mice in the fall, so I was glad she was doing what cats do best – and learned to suck it up when I had to deal with the leftovers.  Finding the half eaten carcases when I got home every day wasn’t exactly pleasurable, but hey – nothing comes for free, right???  Right…

Back to the point of this post – if there ever really was one, other than to tell cat ~tails~;) – all I can do is try to keep my son’s door shut most of the time and occasionally holler for her if I don’t see her sleeping by my desk or in one of the chairs downstairs.  And pray to all the Gods of the Universe that the heavy duty mesh cover does what it is intended to do – keep the crickets inside the tank & Lilly out!

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And because I love George Carlin – he was BRILLIANT, enjoy this: