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Mr. Beau Boy AKA “Maverick” – Adopted 10-4-13

Ten Lives Club at Pet Supplies Plus E. Amherst

Yes – another very belated adoption update!  Sweet, beautiful Mr. Beau came to us in mid September and less than 2 weeks later he found his forever home!  ~YAY!~ His new purr Mom Nicole, renamed him”Maverick” – which is quite appropriate, I’m sure!~

He was 6 months old at the time & ready to play!   He loved playing with all the other kitties in our cat room and never slowed down.  Beau obviously worked his magic on Nicole the minute they laid eyes on each other…

She was quick to send back her adoption application for Beau.  Unfortunately, it’s not a process that should be handled/relied upon by more than one person.  At that particular point in time, I had delegated some responsibilities that I shouldn’t have & didn’t follow up to make sure she had been contacted or the process had begun until several days later.  Obviously, it…

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