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The Month of July Sucked The Big Green One…

First of all, if offensive language bothers you, stop right now & move along…

All I can say is I’ve always been a sarcastic bitch.  But lately, my sarcasm has reached heights I never thought possible – even for me.

I can blame some of this on the month of July.  For starters, some dumb bitch totaled my car – Pepper (Honda Fit – Sport).  Stupid Fucking bitch.  I loved that car. Pepper was the FIRST BRAND NEW CAR I’ve ever owned.  And, of course, almost PAID OFF…Murphy’s Law…

I’m sitting in a turn lane, minding my own damn business and the next thing I know I’m in the parking lot I was waiting to turn into with an EMT in my face asking me what day it was…Never saw it coming.  At all.  I don’t remember anything between those time frames. Had 2 big goose eggs on my head, whiplash, bruises on the backs of my calves, arms, random and my headrest ended up in the floor of my back seat. Trip to the ER via ambulance, X-rays, etc…

Yeah, I don’t like hospitals for starters.  Or anything else related to the medical field – nothing against Dr.s & so forth but I avoid that shit like the plague.  So given I’d been knocked out, hate that shit & didn’t know what the fuck had even happened & this guy’s in my face asking me all these stupid questions, I wasn’t exactly the most cooperative patient until I’d at least partially gained a little portion of my mental shit back.

But WHAT THE FUCK?  I consider myself a very safe driver & I ALWAYS watch out for all the morons who actually somehow passed their driver’s test & are legally allowed to DRIVE.  This particular street has a 45 MPH speed limit.  I was completely stopped in the turn lane & this bitch had to have hit me from behind going at LEAST the 45 MPH speed limit full bore.  You get the picture.   Yeah, my hatchback was crunched completely into the backseats.  But the collapsible cat cage I had on board somehow managed to escape without a dent.  One plus!

This started off the month of July with a BANG since it happened on the 2nd.  Then comes all the “no fault” fucking paperwork.  I’m quite certain I’ve had to deal with & jump through many more hoops than the stupid bitch that hit me.  And still am.  Again, why the fuck do I have all this SHIT to deal with on top of the fact that my car is totaled, I can’t even think straight because I have a NICE concussion, whiplash & can hardly move my head, woozy, sore & on pain meds so I’m doing good to find the damn bathroom all by myself.  And the asshole that caused this whole shitstorm (who was driving a much bigger vehicle, BTW) probably had to make 1 phone call to her fucking insurance company.  What.the.fuck…?

But here’s the icing on the cake.  4 days after my wreck, we get a notice that our insurance had been terminated as of 7/1.  We got the notice on, ohhh about the 5th?  The letter was dated THE 3RD of JULY.  Seriously???  So now the whole family has no medical coverage & I had enrolled my son in a special summer program – which would’ve only been a co-pay of $25 per session on our previous insurance but now costs us $85 per session.  For 20 sessions.  Fucking, dick stick motherfuckers…

Yep.  Oh, I only touched the very tip of the iceberg for July and the beginning of August…

Normally, summer is my absolute favorite time of year.  It still is.  But good fucking gods…Rental car from hell, the city decides it’s a MARVELOUS time to repave our street & totally fuck up any direction you need to go (randomly of course) & had adoption events, 2 trips daily back/forth to drop off/pick up my son 3 days a week, Dr’s appts. & back/forth to the store for adoptions.  OMG…

Oh, I forgot to add – city planning, in all their wisdom, also decided to have trucks along our street to trim the trees at the same time.  Is it possible to have more fucking stupid bullshit going on at the same time??  Un-fucking-believable…All I can say is thank the gods for good meds.  And lots of WINE…After I finally made it back into my driveway, of course…Fucking fuckers.

Normally, I would begin or end a post with a song vid, but I’m just too fucking tired…Feel free to share one that might fit.


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