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Testing my willpower…

I visited the Ten Lives Club shelter for the first time today & got the full tour of their facilities.  Seeing all of the beautiful cats – knowing they just want a loving home & the attention they want one on one – it breaks my heart.  They all have the utmost care and many are taken in that would’ve been euthanized otherwise due to various medical issues.

I’ve decided to use the age old “total submersion” theory of “growing a steel set of balls” because otherwise, you’ll just sit back & cry, whine & do nothing.  I did that for years.  I cried. I wailed.  I railed endlessly about the assholes who would abandon, neglect, abuse or otherwise care less about these beautiful animals who have always had my heart & I had grown up knowing & loving since before I could even walk.  I didn’t think I could walk in & see so many without taking one (or 2) home with me.

But I’ve somehow become like a race horse with side-blinders – focused on one thing – the finish line.  And fuck the obstacles, or my feelings – it’s about doing what will make things happen.  What I can do to help them ALL.  To get the big picture & try not to let my emotions get in the way…They deserve it.  They desperately need our help.  So fuck it – I’m in.  All I can see right now is the finish line…

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