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Ooops, did i just say that?

I am so very lucky to have such a wide range of friends who have many different perspectives on any number of topics.  I love a good, intelligent conversation and happily play the devil’s advocate or stir things up whenever possible – depending on the situation.  Sometimes, to the point of occasionally pissing off some not so open-minded people.  I really don’t do it on purpose…most of the time.  It’s just in my nature to look at every side of a subject or situation and try to understand both sides & maybe give a different perspective.  And more than likely, because I’m just a little mischievous to begin with.  I’ve never been afraid to speak my mind – sometimes to a fault.  In fact, I’ve pretty much been a rebel and free spirit most of my life – sometimes bucking or questioning authority (OK, USUALLY) and basically being “me”.  It does come with a price, unfortunately – I can end up, as I said before, pissing someone off or even worse, hurting their feelings – which is never my intent.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned what topics are generally appropriate with certain people and which ones are not.  At least most of the time.  Sometimes I still manage to let my tongue speak before my brain can keep the words from passing my lips.  Or my fingers from writing something spontaneously before I think about the consequences.  But at least I realize this is something I need to continually work on and consciously try my best to stop and think it through before opening my mouth or letting my fingers get away from me.  Unfortunately, “Impulsive” is my middle name, so it does not come easily and is a continual work in progress.

Having spent way too much time on Facebook these past couple of days – it’s so easy to get sucked in, as we all know too well – I’ve made a few faux paus and gotten carried away a few times.  What a surprise…But there are two topics I do not discuss publicly on Facebook or in general – politics and religion.  Never a good idea and something I was told a long time ago is really never appropriate, unless under certain rare circumstances.  But when I read posts from people who seem to think otherwise and are spewing ridiculous, obnoxious and uneducated information on either of the two, it’s hard not to respond with an intelligent reply to the rants.  I rarely, if ever, do.  Because anyone who would post those things are past the point of listening to anything other than their own opinion or beliefs.  Or to people who don’t have the same opinions or beliefs that they do.  They are completely closed-minded and stubbornly defend their stand, regardless of whether it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.  I don’t judge other people’s opinions, that is not the point of this post and I hope I’m not beginning the sound that way.  But bottom line is, there are a lot of stupid, ignorant people out there – sorry, but there it is…I just need to remember that before letting my first impulses get the best of me…

And as always, here’s a vid relating to this topic from George Carlin:  RIP George, you are missed…

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