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Been too long…

Given my adult ADHD tendencies (and my husband completely agrees), I *should* be finishing up an e-mail to my son’s school counselor right about now.  But…can I just say the past month or so has been a constant stream of phone calls, meetings & e-mails to various teachers, counselors, etc. & I needed a time out for just a moment.  I’m actually going to write something as opposed to posting random vids & fashion dream pics.

Middle school sucks (for my son, OK well for everyone I know of)!  I don’t think anyone enjoyed that phase in their lives – I know I sure as hell didn’t.  Hormones, cliques, self-image issues, bullies (I won’t name names here, but you know who you are – remember?  We ran track together.  Bitch(es)…)  Of course those bitches are probably serving time now (or living in a low rent trailer park with their wife-beater wearing husbands)…I love the Internet – and yes, I am *EVIL*…  So along with all these wonderful growing pains, my son has ADHD & ODD to top it all off.  Oh, and well into puberty now according to his Ped.  Nice… It’s been quite a ride since he started 5th grade last year – which put him in Middle School.  Really??  Kids not only have entirely overloaded academic expectations since I was that age, many years ago *cough*, but they throw them into the “middle school” setting in 5th grade…Unreal.  It sucks enough when you’re 12/13 & in 7th grade.  But, 10?  Ridiculous.

OK, I feel better now…Feel free to share your own middle school nightmares…(past or present)


2 thoughts on “Been too long…

  1. I agree that middle school sucks a big one. As bad as it was in my day, the kids are under even more pressure than ever, especially with social media. Girls are getting spray tans, manicures, highlights, etc. And then there’s the puberty thing. Is it any wonder they forget that they’re there for school work? My youngest daughter moves up to high school next year, which brings a whole new set of issues. My hair is turning gray as I think about it, haha.

    • Thank you so much for your post! You are so right – kids are growing up waaaayy too fast. I feel for you next year when your daughter starts HS…uugggg. Another thing that makes me nervous is how wired kids are – smart phones, laptops w/ wifi, facebook, youtube, 5000 tv channels, hi-tech video games & the list goes on. Now, on top of the normal issues associated with middle school & HS & puberty, we get to worry about what our kids are getting exposed to: cyberbullying, internet predators, explicit sex/language and the fact that everything is instantaneous for them. To me, that just creates kids who expect to get whatever they want whenever they want and never learn how to actually have to wait for something & also a kind of disassociation with the “real world” & having face to face time vs. texting/e-mailing/posts on FB, etc…And as a parent right now, it’s hard to get around most of that – my son (who is an only child) has it ALL (except for a cell phone) laptop, internet access, Wii, Xbox, Nintendo DSi, flat screen TV in his room – let’s see, did I forget anything? haha…As much as I tried to keep it simple for him as long as possible, it’s inevitable – especially once they start to school. Wooo…OK I’m done. LOL

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