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there’s a fine line…

Why is there still such a double standard between men & women?  STILL -we are living in the year 2011, right?  “HELLOO!  Is this mindset embedded in men’s pointed little heads because women have a uterus?  Because too many men are still stuck in the 50’s – Madmen style?  I don’t get it…Yes, we (women) are biologically capable of growing new human beings.  Granted, it does require a donation…Frankly, that would not be something I would covet (being pregnant & going through the “wondrous” experience of giving birth).  Most men would ask to be shot in the head if they had to experience childbirth.  But again, I’m not a man (thank the Gods) & their mentality still continues to annoy & amaze me.

Wait, I forget – It’s the NY man mentality…I should know…

So on that friendly note…Missy my friend, you’ll be just fine – I love & miss you!

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